To get an overview of Shaggy's life and career, we have summarized some facts below. 
He received his nickname 'Shaggy' by its own account as a little child because of his hair. Later he learned, that the verb "to shag" is also colloquially in the course of sexual intercourse.

He grew up in a rather poor family in Kingston, Jamaica with his mother, but spent a lot of time with his grandmother, for which he also wrote his first song at the tender age of 12!!! Below the timeline, Shaggy performs it for us again. At the age of 18, he emigrated to Brooklyn, USA, in the neighborhood of Flatbush. There he attended Erasmus Hall Campus High School. Besides the school and afterwards, he didn´t start working as other teens. Instead of this, he startet selling weed.


1987: Shaggy took singing lessons in Brooklyn and was discovered a year later, when he was singing in the streets of Brooklyn.

1988: He finally recorded his first single, "Duppy or Uglyman". In this time, he sometimes called himself "Shaggie" instead of Shaggy- as the pic on the right shows. In the following years he recorded a few songs, before he published in 1993 his first two singles: Mampie and Big Up. Also in 1988, he joined the Marine Corps of the United States. During an interview he explained, why he chose the Marines: " A couple of my friends got in troubles those days so I decided to get out of here. I went straight to the recruiting bureau. There I saw 4 different uniforms at the wall: Marines, Navy, Army and Airforce. Airforce looked like blouses, Army also was not appealing, Navy looked a bit pansy. Marines looked like I can pick up chicks. Nobody told me, that it is the hardest one of the four."

1991: He was stationed in Kuwait during the Second Gulf War. After his return from the Persian Gulf, he decided to pursue his musical career.

1993: "Oh Carolina" became a chart hit - - originally recorded by the Folkes Brothers. In August, the debut album "Pure Pleasure", which is mainly known because of "Oh Carolina" appears. He recorded the song while he was stationed at a military base in North Carolina.

1994: Shaggy released his second Album "Original Doberman".

1995: In June, he released the single " Boombastic ". In July, follows the eponymous album that holds 52 weeks at the top of the Billboard Reggae Charts . The song boombastic was abruptly known by advertising a denim manufacturer in Central Europe to a wider audience. In August, the single " Boombastic " is certified Platinum and reached the Top 10 In September, " Boombastic " certified gold. He started an European tour with his opening act " Backstreet Boys" . Another song on the album, "The Train is coming", he recorded with one of his musical idols , Ken Boothe.

1996: In February, Shaggy won the Grammy for the album " Boombastic ". In June of that year he again boarded the Top 40 with " That Girl," a song in which he featured Maxi Priest. Finally, he founded the same year, together with his former manager Robert Livingston and his producer Shaun "Sting International " Pizzonia, the label Big Yard. Later this year a stage collapsed on Shaggy and his band. They were hospitalized but thank god no severe injuries.

1997: In August he released his 4th Studio album " Midnite Lover". The album was no commercial success and so he was fired from his record label .

1998: In August, he appeared again on the Top 40 with his hit "Luv me Luv me" with Janet Jackson from the soundtrack of the movie "How Stella got her groove back". In this year he started his relationship with his later wife Rebecca Packer. 

1999: Shaggy was asked to record "Who let the dogs out" (now Baha Men) but he refused, because he didn´t like the song. He never regret it. Later that year, the first signs of the mega- successful album " Hot Shot " are seen: In October, "Hope" climbed the U.S. Top 40.

2000: In july, Shaggy placed the second single from the upcoming album "Hot Shot" on the charts : "Dance and Shout". In August, he finally released his so far most successful album Hot Shot . Back in November, the album was certified gold . Also in November began the success of the single "It wasn´t me " - The single stormed the Top 40 after a Hawaiian DJ has downloaded the tracks from Napster and began to run it on powerplay .

2001: "Hot Shot" was already certified three times platinum. In January the title " It wasn´t me " even climbed to # 1 and "Angel " came into the Top 40.
In February, the album had already reached the 4-times platinum status in June then 6 times platinum. Also in June, " Freaky girl" reached the charts. In August Shaggy won two "Teen Choice Awards " in the categories "R & B / Hip Hop Artist" and "Love Song." In September , he joined the " 30 years of Michael Jackson " Gala together with Rayvon . In November, he was nominated for two MTV Europe Music Awards in the categories " Best Male Act" and " Best Pop Act" . Hot Shot has been certified diamond. There are only two reggae artists which has been achieved this : Bob Marley and the only one alive - Shaggy! On the right you can see his diamond award.

2002: In January, Shaggy has been nominated for three American Music Awards , in the categories of " Favorite Male Pop / Rock Artist" , "Favorite Rap / Hip Hop Artist" and " Internet Artist" . In February, Shaggy was furthermore nominated for a Grammy Award in the category " Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals ( " It Was not Me "with Ricardo" RikRok " Ducent ) ". Also in February, the Hot Shot Remix album " Hot Shot Ultramix" was released . Shaggy wins in the same month a Brit Award in the category " Best International Male" . This year, Shaggy is showered with prizes , in March, he won two World Music Awards for "Worlds best-selling Pop Male Artist " and " Worlds best -selling R & B Male Artist ". In April, further prices were given to him: He won a Juno Award for Hotshot in the category " Best selling album". In October, the sophomore " Lucky Day " was released - his sixth Studio album. In November climbed "Strength of a woman " in the Top 40. In December, the album was certified gold equal .

2003: From that Point on, Shaggy can also be called actor: For the movie 'Blast' he was offered one of the main roles, but he has opted for a supporting role, which is murdered after a few minutes.

2005: In September, the already 7th Studio album "Clothes Drop" was released - including two collaborations with Nicole Scherzinger.

2006: In February, Shaggy was nominated for a Grammy Award for the album "Clothes Drop" in the category "Best Reggae Album".

2007: On 5th October 2007 he released his album Intoxication . A collaboration with the rapper and R & B singer Akon (Lonely) led to the common song "What 's Love" ( built on the Tina Turner Classic "What 's Love Got To Do With It" from 1984). Shaggy was supported on this album from the producer team Sting International, Robert Livingston, Tony Kelly and Christopher Birch. The year in other respects was a milestone in Shaggy 's life. On 15 October 2007 he was presented the "Order of distinction" award - the fifth-highest award available in Jamaica. It is awarded for exceptionally important and unique benefits for the country. It has two versions: The high class ( Commander) and the lower class (officer ). Shaggy was awarded the rank of Commander for his contribution to the local and international music industry as it stands in the grounds.

2008: In January Shaggy, whose favorite city in Jamaica is Port Antonio, published the official Mascots song for 2008 European Football Championship called "Feel the Rush". The title was the first No. 1 success for seven years for him. The melody was taken from Samims track 'Heater' back from 2007. On 20 June 2008 he reached the officially number one in the German single charts. In February Shaggy was nominated for a Grammy Award in the category "Best Reggae Album".

2010: At the end of the year, Shaggy split from his longtime manager Robert Livinston, and thus left the label Big Yard. Thus, the way was open for the establishment of his new label Ranch Entertainment, together with Rayvon, Red Fox and Shaun Pizzonia.

2011: In January, his next studio album "Shaggy & Friends" was published. But this album was no Shaggy Album. Robert Livingston released it after the split with Shaggy and without his confirmation. That´s why it is the first and so far only album, which is only available as an online version for download. Already on 19 July 2011 he finally released his ninth studio album entitled "Summer in Kingston". A Bonus Version of the album is available since 7 February 2012. A compensation for the stressful work is his hobby painting.

2012: In February, Shaggy was nominated again for a Grammy for his album "Summer in Kingston" in the category "Best Reggae Album International 2012".  After a European tour (including Chiemsee Reggae Summer ) he published on 28 September 2012 in Germany his 10th Studio album "Rise". It includes a charity single from the summer 2012 for the "World Citizen"-project with Jahcoustix . A compensation for the stressful work to Shaggy is painting. And he is talented. Back in school, he won several Art & Design competitions.

In 2012, something obviously has changed in Shaggy 's attitude to life and the management. Symptoms and signs include a number of changes which are in complete contrast to his habits of the last 20 years. Here are some examples : Before the album "Out of many , one music" Shaggy was always even on the cover of his albums and extractions - now the cover shows his new coat of arms . Even the cover of the extractions are provided with opulent imagery , but without a photo of Shaggy. Furthermore , the artist shares now more of himself on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In former times, as good as no information penetrated to the public , so Shaggy is now posting photos, showing him eating his favorite dish , or when cooking with his kids or shopping . Shaggy is managed by Crush Mangagement since 2011, based in Manhattan. Crush likely appealed against on Shaggy 's business side in new scope - An indication of this is that now the first merchandising things  are available to buy since his career-start. But most important parameter for the personal change seems to me the fact, that Shaggy has obviously found his personal sound, his inner satisfaction. The best evidence for this is that Shaggy wrote and published from the over 400 songs, which already includes his musical work, a third, namely 113 , within the years 2011-2013- that is, in only 3 out of 25 years of his career . On 8 June, he was made an honorary citizen of the city of Miami. The key of the city was handed over to him. (see picture on the right).

2013: A year to celebrate: Shaggy celebrates his 25th anniversary on stage , and by his own admission, he had to cancel within this time only three concerts (and not through his own fault but due to force majeure). On 24 September, he released his 11th Studio album entitled "Out of Many one music". A first release of it already appeared on 23 April 2013 under the title "Fight This Feeling" - a coloboration with Beres Hammond. The second extraction then appeared on 08/20/2013 "-  You Girl " with Ne -Yo. From 10 October to 12 December Shaggy was on a promotional tour for his new album and did 34 concerts within 2 months! He received early December the "Food for the Poor " award for its commitment to this organization.

2014: On the 4 th of january, a great Shaggy & Friends concert took place,  which is now the fifth . It was the most commercially successful and brought in favor of the Bustamante Children Hospital almost 500,000 dollars - a huge sum. Only a few days later, Shaggy was voted the "Sexiest Jamaican alive". What an honour.
But the bomba-message of the year is that Shaggy got married on 12th July- his longtime girlfriend Rebecca Packer- Congratulations!!!

2015: Starts for Shaggy more than successful- after several international hits during the past 25 years, the next boomtune was out: "I need your love" with more than a 300 million clicks on YouTube and several no. 1 rankings across the globe. Asked by a reporter: "Why do it You don't have to, you're a legend You can go for the rest of your life just performing your hits and make good money." He answerded: "Is a little bit of my ego at the end of the day cause I wanna do great things cause I can."

In April he got the UWI Luminary Award in Toronto (Pic on the right). The Gala celebrates dedication and service, and also generates funding that supports the young bright minds that need our assistance.

His hit "Sunset" with Farruko is a global Hit. With about 250 Million views on YouTube. In autumn, he met the premiere of the Bermudas- also to promote Shaggy&Friends and to collect money for the cause. From the end of october on, the work for the next Shaggy&Friends concert on Jan. 2nd. 2016 had been intensified.

2016: On Jan. 2nd, the Shaggy&Friends concert took place in Kingston, Jamaica and was a huge success. Shaggy get millions of dollar for his Foundation. More Info about that under Charity. On Dec. 4th, Shaggy took the Scotiabank Lifetime Achievement Award for music and philanthropy (pic on the right)! What an honour!

2017: Shaggy set up his new studio in Jamaica and worked hard on the upcoming charity concert Shaggy & Friends, which took place in January 2018. Furthermore he has recorded his joint-album with Sting, which was released on April 20, 2018. Rest of the year was touring.

2018: January 6 the next big Shaggy & Friends concert took place. Record donations of 100 Million Jam$ could be obtained. On April 20 the common album with Sting entitled "44/876" was released. A large-scale summer tour with more than 60 gigs through Europe, the US and South America followed.

2019: On Feb. 10, Shaggy and Sting were awarded with the Grammy for Best Reggae album for their joint album 44/876 (Pic on the right). On May 10, his 13th album "Wah gwaan?!" was released, accompanied by an U.S. and European tour. In November Shaggy was part of a major project by US broadcaster ABC and the entertainment company Disney: Arielle, the little mermaid, was broadcasted on TV as a live musical. Elaborate set designs, opulent costumes and top-class singers and actors participated. Shaggy took on the role of Sebastian.

2020: Shaggy celebrates 20 years of the hit album 'Hot Shot'. For this reason, the hit album was reissued. The biggest hits like 'Hot Shot', 'Angel', 'Luv me Luv me' or 'It wasn´t me' were reinterpreted. New interpretations of his other big hits like 'Oh Carolina', 'Boombastic', 'Strength of a woman' or 'Hey sexy lady' were also included. As a bonus for the loyal fan base there are 4 new songs on it. In fall of the same year, the first Shaggy Christmas album was released. Shaggy has released 5 Christmas songs since 2001. However, the album "Christmas on the islands" is peppered with 15 completely new Christmas carols. First the album was only available as digital download.

2021: The Christmas album "Christmas in the Islands" has been expanded by 4 songs and is now also available as a physical CD. Furthermore Shaggy met Pope Francis in Rome. 


2022: Shaggy releases his 16th studio album "Com fly wid mi" with 11 songs from the Sinatra songbook - reinterpreted in a reggae style. About this next project which no one would have expected, together with Sting, Shaggy says:" I can´t put my enery on anything, that doesen´t excite me. That´s where the love of it come in. So whenever I go into these spaces, the minute I start to feel. It´s like jumping off a cliff. There´s a fear there, but there´s also a thrill, an exciting thrill that hits. 

In Spring, Shaggy appeared as "Space Bunny" on "The Masked Singer" in the USA.­­ In April, Shaggy was honored to perform the Reggae hit song 'Mother and Child Reunion' alongside Jamaican icon Jimmy Cliff at the Recording Academy’s special tribute concert, held in honor of his friend, 16-time GRAMMY winner Paul Simon. And in May he receives honorary fine arts doctorate from the Brown University. What an honour!

If you ask Shaggy, his biggest hit It Wasn’t Me wouldn’t have existed if it weren’t for Eddie Murphy—in fact, the comedian once joked that the Jamaican superstar owed him royalties. Shaggy recalled that after watching Murphy’s 1987 standup RAW back in the day, he decided to snag a line from the comedy routine. “I watched RAW. I’m a big fan of Eddie Murphy, he did that joke about ‘it wasn’t me’,” he said. “The thing about It Wasn’t Me is that the subject matter is so relatable; it’s either you’re banging, you know somebody is banging or you wish you were banging, some banging going on,” Shaggy added, which was the essence of that part of Murphy’s routine. He met Murphy some years later in the Bahamas and finally got the chance to tell him that his RAW routine had inspired his hit track. “I was with Eddie Murphy in the Bahamas … he was at his brother’s show and I saw him, we were in the VIP together,” Shaggy recalled. “I came over and told him the story, and he was like ‘Ah! You owe me royalties.’”


As mentioned in the BIO above, Shaggy wrote his first song at the age of 12. Upon a request, he sings it once again for us, his fans, that we also have the chance to listen to it- enjoy!!!

60 seconds with Shaggy



I´m a libra. I get bored easily. And that is why my music keeps changing cause I get bored. You´ll never get bored of me because I get bored of myself first.


Some shots from back in the days @ the Marines

The eight sides of Shaggy

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Teacher or Figherfighter


Older Porsche 911



Friends, Game of Thrones



The Sixth Sense

Shawshank Redemption




Luxury Food


KITKAT Cheesecake


Born and Raised

Going to church with my grandmother every sunday





Red Stripe 

Peppermint tea




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Black Uhuru, The Carpenters, Gregory Isaacs, Bill Withers,

Christopher (Arthur's Theme, Ride like the Wind)



First song ever bought: My Boy Lollipop



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Speaking with Nelson Mandela