Not so many facts are known about Shaggy´s family. About Richies (as his mum calls him) parents, only the names are known: Clinton Burrell and Lorraine Miller. She worked as a medical secretary. Furthermore he has an uncle called Trevor.

The closest relationship, Shaggy had, without doubt, to his grandmother Sylvia Sherman.  Very important to him was the time he spent with his grandma as he was a child, and the visits of the church, together with her, at the "Portmore Gospel Assembly".

Shaggy´s got 5 kids: His elder son is about 18 and has two common grounds with him: He is named like his father, Richard Burrell Jr., and he also makes music. He is rapper with the stage name "Robb Bank$". Insider like his music very much. Richard and his brother Tyler are the children from his realtionship wiht Carol Johnson.

Furthermore Shaggy has 3 girls with his wife Rebecca: twins named Kelsey and Madison, born in 2008 (you can see them on the left at their first school day on Sept. 2, 2014), who live in Shaggy´s second home Broward County, Florida as well as a bit elder daughter, named Sydney. He tries to spend as much time as possible with his children- just to be a great father.

His wife´s name is Rebecca Packer. She has irish roots- her family is from the area of Dundalk and her profession is art director for films and videos. She worked together with Shaggy in a few of his music videos. She got to know Shaggy at the end of the 90s, and they´re a couple since the early 2000s. Once a year she is working together with him for the "Shaggy & Friends" Project- she is the organizer in the background.

Shaggy has maintained 16-year relationship with his girlfriend Rebecca Packer. He said falling in love with Rebecca over and over and the excitement she brings to the union are some of the things that does it for him.

"At some point, as a boy, I had sowed my royal oats, so to speak, for years upon years. I have been in that spot for years, and at some point it kind of narrowed down to one person that keeps your interest going," Shaggy admits to All Woman last week. "I'm a Libra. I get bored easily. And that is why my music keeps changing 'cause I get bored. You'll never get bored of me because I'll get bored of myself first," he said. 

However, he said, Rebecca keeps him excited specially with her very opinionated personality.

"She challenges me in many ways," Shaggy said. "She is very opinionated. Very opinionated. We have had our fair share of arguments, but I think the best way to put it is that we are two stones and the edges are rough and they beat on each other until eventually they are smooth. That's the best way I can say it. She constantly impresses me as we go along and that keeps my interest there. And our love is the basic thing that keeps us together; and I don't think I have ever fallen out of love with her." 

He explained that being away from her so often also helps, as when he finally gets back to her it's like falling in love all over again. They are married since July, 12, 2014.

His nephew Dan, which we often see playing with Shaggy´s children, is the Son of Shaggy´s sister in law Lisa.

Unfortunately we have not much information about his parents in law- only that his mother in law had her 70th birthday on 1st March 2015 and the family name of his father in law is Salter.

Shaggy is also an animal lover, and because of that, Shaggy's family count in addition to the human members also 8 dogs, inter alia a bulldog and a German shepherd. The names of the animal are only known for four of them: One dog is called "Dark Vader" (4th pic from the right 1st row), for the 8th one, called "Texas" (3rd pic from the right 1st row), Shaggy on August 11, 2014 sadly announced, that his Bulldog died: " He was always there to greet me as I entered my yard kept guard with my security and protected my family, he would followed me to my door, always leaning on me when he sees me, loves hugs." One of the other dogs is called "Rosco" (2nd pic from the right). The 4th dog, from whom we know the Name, is called Luna (right pic 1st row). Last dog, from whom we know the name is called Alpha. Unfortunately we have no pic.

Additionally to the 8 dogs, Shaggy´s got some fish, rabbits and he had a cat called "Caesar", sometimes also called "houseboss". He commented the second picture from the left as follows: "No matter where I go this guy finds me!" Sadly Rebecca announced on the 4th of June 2016, that Ceasar is gone.


18.01. Bruce "Rayvon" Brewster 01.04. Sharon Burke 12.04. Sydney Burrell 15.06.
24.06. Kelsey + Madison Burrell 12.07. Shaggy's Hochzeitstag 31.08. Rebecca Packer Burrell 05.09. Paul "Rossi" Lee
18.09. Tyler Burrell 24.09. Richard Burrell 22.10. SHAGGY  

Recently Shaggy filmed a small car in the driveway to his Villa in Kingston: The very first car of his wife Rebecca, which she got to her 21st birthday. And, as he mentioned by himself: It still works!!!



International reggae superstar Shaggy got married on Saturday July 12, 2014 to his long-term partner Rebecca Packer. Congrats also from!

Under these little almond trees, belonging to Ian Flemmings Villa, Richi and Rebecca said YES! This is a place full of history, not just because it is Flemmings former Villa, but also Sting wrote his big hit record "Every breath you take" within these walls.

Shaggy was asked in an interview, if he sang personally on his wedding. He answered: "There´s a song that I wrote, that my wife love. It´s not released and she was like: I want this song to be played at my wedding! I say: Ok, you can play it. The guy I sang this song with is Jimmy Cozier. I flew him down and we just gonna walk out and surprise her and she was like blown away!"

The event co-ordination and decoration was done by Jacqui Tyson´s "Signature Weddings". This company offers include menu execution and planning, décor styling and full event co-ordination. She by herself is a close friend to Shaggy and Rebecca.

My own Wedding

Shaggy macht für seine echten Fans so gut wie alles- Meine Frau Lucy und ich haben uns am 04.06.2016 das Ja-Wort gegeben und Shaggy hat keine Sekunde gezögert und uns mit einer sehr persönlichen, emotionalen Video-Nachricht alles erdenklich Gute für die Feier und das gemeinsame Leben gewünscht. Menschlich top!!!!