Video Corner

Shaggy produced more than 600 songs till now, furthermore also over 80 music videos. To get to know Shaggy´s music videos better, here are some You Tube links to his latest videos. Furthermore some of his latest interviews, making of´s or outtakes are also available here- have fun!

Video for "Picture" ft. M.Musique

How to draw Shaggy for yourself

Making of..... "For your eyez only"

Interview about Jamaica and young stars

Shaggy and Friends 2014 (best Shortcuts)

Shaggy performing in one of his Acoustic-sessions

Freestyle Stolen Records FBi 94.5 FM Australia 2010

On demand: Shaggy performs freestyle

Freestyle Last FM Session "Strength of a woman"

Freestyle Last FM Session "Sugar Cane"

Freestyle Last FM Session "Feelin´Alive"


One of the best things, that can happen to Shaggy fans is an Instaclash. Shaggy is batteling himself with friends of him via Instagram, who is able to produce a song faster. In the past, two of such events happened: On Sept. 21st, 2016 and April 7th, 2017. In Sept. '16 Shaggy and DJ Oxtail were in the Ranch Studio in Jamaica - Sting, Screechy Dan and Agent Sasco in the original Ranch in New York. In April '17 Shaggy and Screechy Dan stayed in the Original Ranch, Sasco and Tony CD Kelly in the new studio in Jamaica. A paradise for us fans and almost unbelieveable how talented all these people are.

Ranch - Group

Melissa bout the clash

VIP Corner

Shaggy often meets other celebreties at certain red carpet events. Some of the pictures, taken there, you´ll find here!


Photo Shoots

Shaggy has been in the spotlight for almost three decades. It´s necessary, that photos used in press kits, on covers, in magazines, in online articles and so on, are always on Point. For that reason, Shaggy does shootings every second year. Looking backstage the 2017´shooting, done by Jonathan Mannion (@jonathanmannion) is possible for you today:

Some of the finished photos:

An overview of the shootings since 2003 you can see here:

Homepage vault

We all know Shaggy´s Homepage . Through the years the page changed its design a several times. Here´s a little review over the last years (design of the years 2009-2011 is missing):


Magazine covers

Repeatedly Shaggy is seen on the covers of international magazines. Some of the best of them during the last years you can find below.