The official Shaggy Fanshop brought to you by Mr. Luva Luva himself that sells custom Shaggy merchandise to meet all of your boombastic needs! Over 100 articles, which will satisfy you! You can reach the shop via

Where does the name of Shaggy's clothing brand come from? He grew up in Kingston, Jamaica, more specifically in the district Rae Town. Now the online shop has been divided into 3 areas: Party Style, Island Style and Shaggy Style. So there should be something for everyone! Check it out! On the right, you can watch a spot for the shop by the boss himself>

Shaggy guarantees:"A shop to meet all of your boombastic needs!" Check it out!

limited edition

The Raetown - Shirtcontest

From April 18 to May 15, 2018, Shaggy hosted a shirt design contest! Fans had to design their own shirt on the subject of Shaggy, Jamaica, Raetown or the album "44/876", upload it to FB, IG or Twitter with the hashtag #RaeTownContest and link @raetownapparel.

The winner's shirt went into production and was sold in the fan shop. In addition, the winner got a Meet & Greet with Shaggy and he wore the shirt on stage !!! Boombastic idea !! On the right you can see my contributions to the contest.


In addition to the official webshop from 'Raetown' there are still a few subshops. Shaggy was known to spend his teen years in Brooklyn, New York, more specifically in Flatbush. Therefore, he initiated in the early 2010s a separate flatbush clothing line. Shirts, caps, hoods and some more were available. At the moment, however, the pieces are not available.
Another sub shop is the one of the "44/876 world tour 2018/2019" on the website of Sting, reachable at . And last but not least, the sub shop of Shaggy's own label Ranch-Entertainment. You can find it at


Shaggy┬┤s songtitle in products

The notoriety of Shaggy's nicknames, songs or song titles causes some companies to use them for making profit with their own products. As seen in Germany , where a company sells her smoothie product with blackberries (in German: Brombeeren) under the name 'Mr. Brombastic' and another company is selling their feet-gel under the name 'Fly high'. In Sweden, a Mista Luva Luva beer is available and Italy tells its visitors about "Boombastic"-prices.


True Shaggyfan

Shaggy fans like me, to whom Shaggy is representing favorite music, cheerfulness and revelation, sometimes even going so far as to leave-in Shaggy tattooed anywhere on the body. In my case his signature is on the upper arm.