Shaggy is a frequently booked advertising testemonial. The beginning was back in 1995 as he did the commercial for Levi Straus.

Shaggy was not seen in the spot personally, but the ad was deposited with his boomtune "Boombastic". The start of his worldwide career. Back in 2002, McDonalds Netherland put a free Shaggy Mini CD with 2 songs and a Making of the Video "Angel" to every McMenu. In 2008 he did a spot for Pepsi, in which he has a cameo appearance but he didn´t sing. The track in the background was sung by Tessanne Chin´s sister Tami Chynn. In 2009 Ferrero choose Shaggy as the ambassador for his chocolate stick "Kinder Maxi King". The song "Fly high" ran in the back. In 2012 the Italian watch-manufacturer "3H Italia" booked Shaggy for a campaign and also in 2012 he did a commercial for the british label FCUK with a song, especially composed for this ad. Also GAP booked him for a campaign in the early 2000´s. Since 01.01.2020 Shaggy is "Chief Caribbean Officer" for Virgin for the island of Antigua.

Shaggy for Virgin

Shaggy for...

Levis, Ferrero Maxi King, Pepsi, FCUK, GAP, Zumba, Fiat, Cheetos (Superbowl), Chum FM,



Another big deal for shaggy was the "Malibu Rum" commitment he got from 2004 to 2010. A lot of promotional things where distributed all over the planet, blow ups and standees where produced. A free Shaggy Mini CD was added to every bottle of "Malibu Rum". The brand was also one of the main sponsors for the promotion tour of the "Lucky day" album. At the end of the deal in 2010, Shaggy did the song "Sunglasses" ft. Bruck up for another "Malibu Rum" spot.


The fast food chains Mc. Donalds and Burger King have both booked Shaggy as a testimonial in the past. Both gave a CD to certain boxes. In the case of Mc. Donalds with several songs and the video for "Angel". In the case of Burger-King only the song "Joy you bring" was on the record.

A project, for which Shaggy has more than passion is Cocoyac. It is the first coconut cognac. He partnered with the guys who created Grey Goose and Jagermeister and invested in that. Also merch like jackets or caps was produced. Here are some impressions:


As Shaggy constantly encounters paparazzi or in its television and concert appearances always becomes brand ambassador of the respective clothing, he just got some presents from time to time. The producer companies send over to him some examples in the hope he wears them and so embodies the brand. Examples for this are these gift boxes from Puma, FLGN-TLT or even Pikolinos!