Shaggy Hot Shot Facts

For Shaggy's biggest tour yet, the Hot-Shot-Tour in 2000 and 2001, a tour programme was issued. It is a 20-page glossy program of the finest quality with removable poster. Content is facts about Shaggy's everyday life as a star on the road, an insight into the creation of hot-shot, a short biography and a lot of facts about the tour and the responsible team.

When it became clear that hot shot hits all recent sales figures (with the exception of Bob Marley's posthumous album "Legend") in the reggae business, even a counter has been set up, which finally stopped just over 10 Mio!!

To celebrate the platinum award for the album, a big event was organized - those responsible for the record company got their own polo shirts with the appropriate imprint.

As already mentioned above, no efforts were to high for the hot shot tour back in 2001. Everyone should know that HE, Mr. Hot Shot, is in town. A help was the famous "hot shot banana" bus, which represented Shaggy's tour bus within the US.

The Hot Shot album was in many respects decisive. With his song "Angel" Shaggy is also found in the Guinness Book of World-Records. The song held the record for most radio plays in one week

Hot Shot 2020 Trivia

Shaggy's album Hot Shot 2020 was released as a digital version and as CD. Beside that, a vinyl-Version is available. Basically in classic black color, a limited colored vinyl edition is offered in France. Buyers got it delivered the day before the official album release. also got a copy. A photo of it was published on our Instagram account (all_about_shaggy). Because of the fact, that it is a limited Edition, no photos beside the official advertising shots were available on the net. Therefore Shaggy and his manager Martin Kierszenbaum (MkCherryboom) reposted the article. In addition, the pic was reused by many grants of the reggae and dancehall scene for their posts and stories on Instagram. Shaggy also used it for a video-call interview as background. Here is a small excerpt:

You can compare Shaggy's so far most successful album "Hot Shot" from the year 2000 in many ways with his second most successful album "44/876" from the year 2018. As the numbers show, "44/876" is even more successful than "Hot Shot" (marked in green) in some countries, or it has entered the charts in some countries that "Hot Shot" could not conquer at the time (marked in orange).

All outside of Jamaica

1. Austria Leo Aberer 27. Turkey Yalin
2. Barbados Rihanna 28. France Bob Sinclar
3. Bulgarien Andrea 29. Cuba Pitbull
4. UK Peter Gabriel 30. Dom.Rep. KatDeLuna
5. UK Peter André 31. Italy Fabrizio Sotti
6. UK Sasha Baron Cohen (Ali G.) 32. Lebanon Faydee
7. UK Apache Indian 33. Puerto Rico Yandel
8. Germany Stefan Raab 34. Canada Magic!
9. Germany Gentleman 35. Italy Arianna
10. Germany König Quasi 36. USA Jording Sparks
11. Germany Tim Bendzko 37. Australia Kylie Minogue
12. Germany Jahcoustix 38. Azerbaijan Roya
13. USA Chaka Khan 39. Portugal Mastiksoul
14. USA Nicole Scherzinger 40. France Mylene Farmer
15. USA Cindy Lauper 41. Canada Paul Shaffer
16. USA Lumidee 42. Columbia Cali y el Dandee
17. USA Akon 43. Angola Lisa Viola
18. USA Alicia Keys 44. USA Shane Hoosong
19. USA Sean Kingston 45. Canada Eva Shaw
20. USA Eve 46. Netherlands Fedde le Grande
21. USA Jaziman Sullivan 47. Netherlands Sam Feldt
22. USA Ryan Toby 48. UK Sting
23. Trinidad Machel Montano 49. UK Olly Murs
24. Trinidad Heather Headley 50. Columbia Karol G.
25. Iran Arash 51. Canada Alexander Stewart
26. Egypt Tamer Hosny 52. India Mika Singh
    53.UK Joss Stone