Meet & Greet Berlin 2015

Berlin, August, 2nd, 2015: As I arrived in Berlin at 6.30 pm (the concert started at 9 pm), I went immediately to the venue. There, I wanted to get in touch with a dear friend (shaggyfanpage [sissiluvsreggae]), who told me that she is already backstage with Shaggy!

So I waited at the backstage entrance, and after a few moments, Rayvon came out! I asked him to make a selfie. The next one who came out was Kue! I also welcomed him, introduced myself - he praised my work with the Page and we shot a "proof photo"! When asked if there was a chance to come backstage, he said he will see what can be done and disappeared. Shortly thereafter, the third member of the Ranch Family appeared: Paul "Rossi" Lee. I also imagined him, he also raved about to take me (I think as a reward for working on the side) backstage.

There I met Samira and GC.

As I wanted to do a photo of the whole backstage area, I went one step back and stepped on someones feet- It was Shaggy!!! OMG!!! Himself front and personal!! 


I was at the target of my dreams. I asked Shaggy asked to take a photo and began a very short (about 5 minutes) talk. But then we were interrupted because Shaggy started with the concert. He promised me I could come backstage again after the gig!

Now I enjoyed the concert. It was Shaggy´s words: Boombastic! After the last song, I went to the stage door, hoping to get back to the rear. But the more than strict bouncers, which were provided by the venue, didn´t let me pass. I was yelled at and refer to the courts. Between about 200 other fans waiting, hoping to see Shaggy, my salvation came after about 5 minutes: Kue !! He advised the Security to let me in because I am a personal guest of Shaggy.
Under vociferous cries of other hordes of fans who waited even at the stage door (and under attack by beverage cups) I came backstage again. But Shaggy was not there yet.  I took advantage of the time and made interesting conversations with Paul, Kue, GC and Samira. Every member of the Ranch familiy is warm, tender and really nice. As an evidence for this claim I have some screenshots with feedback from these people about our meeting on Instagram:

And suddenly Shaggy appeared again and we were about 1.5 hours backstage. I could ask him everything which is interesting for me, for you or even the page. He did photos with me and signed a couple of things. I also asked him to make a jingle for the fanpage (you can find it on the start-page).

On top of that, Shaggy is following me now on Instagram!! A huge, big honour!

Shaggy about his work ethic: Go hard or go home broke! Don´t be mad when you see my people´s winning. Up early for every morning show, go hard straight til 2 am supporting them radio shows then get on a plane and doin it all again. You can have 90 % talent and 10 % work ethics and never buss and have 10 % talent and 90 % work ethics and be the biggest star the world has ever seen. I´ve seen this way too often.

A question which I also asked Shaggy: Is "Only Love" the second single from the upcoming album"? , and he said yes and asked me if I've heard the song (at that time the song wasn´t published yet). As I said no, he took his Iphone and a portable speakerbox and played the song for us all. His parts he was singing for himself as the video to right shows.


As he finished the performance of "Only Love", I´ve asked Shaggy if more unreleased songs were on his cell phone? He said yes and immediately he began to present us a few of the. I get goosebumps. Will I really hear now some unreleased projects of him??? OMG!! Some of them will appear later this year, others may never! I was such a great honour to be part of this moment! It´s almost impossible as a Shaggy fan to expect more from an evening with him. Shaggy is an affable, charming, cute, interesting conversationalist and I have enjoyed every minute!


Meet & Greet Munich 2017

June 21st, 2017- I was pleased to meet Shaggy and parts of the Ranch-family again.

At about 4 pm I arrived at the location. I met a good friend of mine there: @sissiluvsreggae. After a few minutes of talk, the tourbus arrived on the area. All tourmembers except Shaggy where there and the tourmanager, Paul Rossi Lee came over to us and greeted us warmly. He said, we can come in with them if we want and and we are allowed to watch the set up of the stage and the soundcheck afterwards.

So we did. We could not miss such an opportunity. We also enjoyed the buffet in the backstage area.

As Paul Rossi set up the merchandising corner, we mentioned, that if we run the shop, the revenue would increase by 30 %. He smiled a us and said: Ok, please do! And suddenly we ran the merch-shop for about 45 minutes. The trust in us honours us very much! 

After we were replaced at the shop, Rossi said to us that Shaggy arrived a few minutes ago but he will stay in the tourbus for a while. To our great surprise we were allowed to enter the tourbus and Shaggy was pleased to see us again. We talked about everything we want to know and he presented us new tracks which will be released in autumn or winter 2017 or maybe never. A dream come true.  


Spiked with a lot of unforgettable moments, Shaggy said, we all have to leave because he wants to start the show. If we want, we can watch the gig from a new angle: We were allowed to stay in the back of the stage next to the drummer. We hardly can´t believe what we hear!!!! Amazing!


After the show we had a funny time with Shaggy backstage. Meeting Robert Dubwise Brown and Shane Hoosong was also a big pleasure. The evening was unforgettable and a big experience. 

A big big THANK YOU to Shaggy and Paul Rossi Lee, who made this possible. Ranch family rulez!!!!! 


Meet & Greet 2018

Take 3: On 14.07.2018 I was pleased to meet Shaggy again!

At 4.30 pm Sissi (@sissiluvsreggae) and I hit the venue. Paul "Rossi" Lee was waiting for us outside to give us our green "Guest Stickers" for the backstage area. Arriving there, we first saw the rear view of an impressive stage, a breathtaking buffet (see photos) and last but not least Sting, who had a leisurely snack.

During a walk through the concert-area about 3 hours before the gig we could take a look at the stage, the mixing tower and the food stalls.


Backstage we were able to meet a lot of old, beloved friends again. But also some people, with whom only contact via Instagram existed (Melissa Musique, Rebecca Burrell, Martin Kierszenbaum) were on site. The joy of finally meeting them in person was huge!

Meet & Greet 2022

Take 4: On July 3rd, 2022, after a looooooong break due to Corona, I was happy to meet Shaggy again - this time in Cologne!

At 2:00 p.m. I reached the venue - the SummerJam Festival. I tried to contact Paul "Rossi" Lee. It worked after a while, but he had bad news: "I'm out of AA passports (All access). I don't know how to get you in!". A world collapsed. But Rossi wouldn't be Rossi if he didn't have some sort of solution. After a while he sent me a location via iphone and said "Be there in 20 minutes". I went straight away and after about 25 minutes a black sedan pulled up. The windows were heavily tinted. I only recognized Rossi in the driver's seat. I wanted to get in on the passenger side, but he gestured for me to sit in the back. As I sat in the back, I realized who was in the passenger seat: Shaggy, who was just being brought onto the area! We chatted right away, I handed out some small gifts (Shaggy-branded Manner-Waffers and plexiglass standee). Afterwards, as always, there was a cozy get-together in the backstage area. When it was time for him to take the stage, a question came up: where can I be during the concert? His answer: "Com on Stage, Bro!". The joy was of course huge and I was able to follow the gig in front of 15,000 visitors from the stage. Another unforgettable day with Shaggy! Many thanks to Shaggy, Paul and everyone else who keeps making this possible for me!!!!