Shaggy and Austria

I 'm from Austria, so it is only logical that I was searching for a connection of Shaggy to my homecountry. However, I did not have to seek- because: There was indeed the UEFA Euro 2008 - hosted from Austria and Switzerland! And Shaggy sang the Mascots song "Feel the rush"! The song reached # 2 on the charts and clawing as catchy in people's minds firmly .

Shaggy has shot the video for the song in Austria. Locations were the airport Klagenfurt, the lake "Wörthersee" near Pörtschach, a farm in the area as well as the EM stadium Klagenfurt. Next to Shaggy as a supernumerary, the hobby farmer and classic car fan Gustav Reicht can be seen in the video. He droves his own "Steyr" tractor from 1952 within the video.

Shaggy even warmed up during the breaks with hot cider and after the shoot he went to the tavern "Brock Hof" where he was served fried chicken, desired of him. According "Kärnten Werbung" they also offered him fish, but Shaggy does not like freshwater fish.

And there is still another relation between Shaggy and Austria, and again the connecting theme is football: For the UEFA Euro 2012, held by Poland and Ukraine, Shaggy did a song together with one of the most famous singers of Austria, Leo Aberer. The song is called "Football is my life" and was successful in several European countries, such as Spain, where the song held six weeks at number 1. The producer, Carinthian Christian Cesar, was awarded a gold disc. 

Leo Aberer met Shaggy at the "Seefesttage 2009" in Carinthia. There, Aberer went over to Shaggy within the backstage area, and has laid him an acoustic reggae-rap. Shaggy was so excited that he ran to wrest the promise to do a song togehter with Aberer. Three years later, they did "Football is my life"! And another 2 years later, in 2014, Aberer and Shaggy coloborated again-  for the Football World Cup in Brazil in 2014 with the song "Football minha vida". 


Sponsoring of music videos

Shaggy looks back on the incredible figure of more than 100 music videos. Of course, it is helpful to ask sponsors to improve the budget a little. Some prominent examples are listed here.

On the one hand Red Bull should be mentioned. Red Bull took over the sponsorship for the "Love mi Jamaica" video. In the film, the brand gets a 2 second sequence, which you can see in the photo below. Much more effective advertising than the 2 seconds in the video sequence is likely the text line "Party do up, and red bull and rum", which retrieves the brand again and again in memory.

On the other hand, Fiat has to be mentioned. Shaggy has good connections to the company- evidence for this is a photo, showing him with Olivier Francois, Chief Marketing Officer, Chrysler Group and Head of Fiat Brand (2nd pic from l). Fiat took over the sponsorship for the 3 Videos: 'If U slip U slide' with Melissa Musique (3rd + 4th pic from l.), 'Gotta get back my baby' together with Sting (2nd from r.) and 'Just one lifetime' again with Sting (right side). As a compensation, Fiat cars are shown in all of them. Here are some impressions:

Shaggy and Sting for Fiat 500 


Video production

Film Director Jay Will has brought unrestrained imagination and innovation to the world of film and video, since emerging on the scene in 2003. He is not only regarded as the most sought-after Caribbean Director, but also a driving force in the global community. His signature “GAME OVER” logo has been stamped on over 100 music videos to date. He has worked on numerous commercial projects, documentaries and shorts. Will’s repertoire has soared to become synonymous with untamed quality, and is, in itself, an industry trend.

Jay began his directorial career in his native Jamaica. At the time, most locally produced videos paled in comparison to their sleek American counterparts. Relying on his trademark energy and intuitiveness, coupled with the latest technology in cameras, software and equipment, Will has greatly contributed to the enhancement of the quality of local video production. Blown away by the quality of his work, artistes clamored for videos with Williams at the helm. His unprecedented visual interpretations, interesting story lines, sharp angles and scene-by-scene continuity brought Jamaican videos to a whole new level. Today, Jay and critics alike agree that a huge portion of third world film projects stand in direct competition to first world projects without the inflated budgets.

Born Jason Williams on July 5th, 1978, Jay grew up in Spanish Town, in the parish of St. Catherine, Jamaica, an aged city rich in nostalgia, colonial architecture and culture. In 1992, the Williams family relocated to Fort Lauderdale, Florida where he entered into a brand new cultural dynamic. He quickly embraced the American culture, while never letting go of his own roots, or disappearing in the background. Known around his high school as “Shabba”, Jay was constantly performing popular Reggae songs in front of high school cameras and big audiences, yet always finding himself behind the lens as well. It is against this background that the “Jay Will” brand was formed: generating a fusion of varied ideas, varied cultures, a distinct respect for the artiste or subject matter, as well as, the careful portrayal of the story.

Jay spent the first half of his college career at Full Sail University in Orlando then moved to Tallahassee in 1997 where he completed his degree in Film and Journalism at the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU). By the time he was in college, he had produced and directed over twenty-five home videos. In 2001 he relocated to New York and worked at CBS as an editor in the syndication department. He also worked in production for the Dan Rather Nightly News. After a year, he moved on to MTV, where he began as an intern. Subsequently MTV hired Will as a full time editor. At MTV he produced a variety of home video projects and on-air promos.

His first nudge to become a film director came in--, when he worked on his first music video project, Kanye West's music video, “Through the Wire”. Working with West was “cool,” Will says. West gave a “group of thirsty young black kids,” as Williams calls his six-man company KUAMP, “a chance to break into the industry”. With KUAMP, Williams created West’s first EPK and they also created his first music video. “He [West] did a lot for my boys who were a part of KUAMP,” Williams says.

In 2002, Jay made his directorial debut for a track called, “Diggy Diggy” by KC Jockey, featuring Elephant Man. Not long after that, the demand for music videos soon eclipsed Jay’s job as a MTV editor. In 2005, he moved to Jamaica and eventually teamed up with business partner and Film Producer Carleen Samuels to create their company “Creative Source Productions." Since then, he has worked on a variety of shorts, documentaries, TV Shows, commercials and music videos. Some of his work include: Shaggy (Church Heathen), M.I.A (Boyz), Etana (FREE), Alison Hinds (King & Queen), T.O.K (Footprints), Beenie Man (Dreaming Of You), Junior Reid (Hot Long Time), Sean Paul, Sean Kingston, Luciano, Soca Monarchs Biggie Irie and Skinny Fabulous, Lil Ric, Tami Chynn, Reggae Legend Lee Scratch Perry and many more.

Williams is one of the few directors in the Caribbean and American industry who is able to mirror the diversity of the music he brings to life. That is why artistes such as Mr. Vegas have enlisted him as their go-to director: one who turns international hit songs into visual masterpieces that compel viewers from all backgrounds to participate in lively dance phenomena. Diamond artiste Shaggy has called on Jay Will more than five times to bring the saturated hues of the Jamaican experience to the screen for his wildly successful albums. Williams’ videos for Shaggy are some of the most stimulating productions in Reggae music over the past three years--proving that Caribbean talent can be smart, sexy and satirical all at once.

Shaggy salutin JayWill to his b-day!

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Hot Shot Band

....and if Shaggy wants to enter the stage, no one can stop him. In 30 years of his carreer and over 1000 concerts, for which he was booked, he only could´t  attend 3 of them. This wasn´t under his control. In all 3 cases, his flights were cancelt and there was no other flight to do it on time.   

Even when he´s sick, he does the gig. Instead of laying in bed he attends a MD. In social networks, he commented on this with a lapidary #NoOneWillOutWorkMe.

In case of not beeing there on time, he apologizes to his fans. The last time, this happens was at the Africa-Caribbean International Festival of Life Chicago back in 2010.


On November 5, 2019, a top-class spectacle was staged: The US broadcaster ABC networks aired the Disney classic "Arielle, the little mermaid" as a live musical. Breathtaking costumes, opulent backdrops, short sequences of the original movie and big names as actors were the key data of this event. The roles were played by Shaggy, John Stamos, Graham Phillips, Queen Latifah or Auli'i Cravalho. As a bonus, Shaggy composed the title track "Under the sea" as well as "Kiss the girl".


Super Bowl

The Superbowl commercials are among the best-known, most expensive, funniest and most-watched commercials in the world. Performing there or contributing songs is only reserved for the big names in the business. Shaggy has been there twice so far - each with a self-written song AND an appearance in the spot itself. 2021 for Cheetos together with Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, 2023 for Jeep.


Casting Shows

Shaggy always has had touch points with casting shows. The biggest involvement in this context so far has been his participation as coach for the All-Star Duets at American Idol, one of the largest casting shows in the world, sometimes with up to 30 million viewers.

In 2018 he participated 'The Voice of France' as coach together with Sting. 

Valentines day

Exclusive for the Ladies- written by Shaggy himself!

Shaggy´s top 10 things Ladies should do for their man on Valentines Day!

  1. Cook a good meal, something he likes
  2. Ladies wear lingerie while cooking!
  3. Set a bath with some sort of aroma therapy scent, something coconut to get that island vibe going
  4. Very important! Shut down your phone, it's Valentine's Day your allowed to.
  5. Put on a old school movie like Ghost, something romantic (No porn) break out the camera and make your own porn
  6. Don't forget to erase the tape / hard drive etc. (Refer back to #6)
  7. Ladies, now would be a good time to break out a gift .. Something your dude might really want jewelry / watch / Jordan's or couple months prepaid on his rent (if you got that broke dude)
  8. buy Shaggy's new single ?#?INEEDYOURLOVE?
  9. Ladies, serenade you man by singing Shaggy's #INEEDYOURLOVE
  10. Enjoy a bottle of ?#?CocoYac? AKA turn up juice, before you do the dirty!

Fitting to these 10 golden rules here are some perfect Pick-up lines for today's man by Mr. Lover Lover himself - so if it does not work then... :-)

Anyone who wants his sweetheart to be "Shaggy´s Angel" for Valentine's Day will find the matching outfits on www.raetownapparel.com . Suitable designs are also available for da fellas!!!!

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Holi is an Indian spring festival. The "festival of colors" will take at least two, in some parts of India up to ten days. As Holi, the festival is mainly known in northern India and in Nepal, in other parts it is known by other names, such as "Phagwah" or in Bengal as "Dol Yatra". In the south they call it "Kamadahana".

Outside of India, especially in the English-speaking parts of the world, this festival is known under the name "Pandemonium".


In 2013 Shaggy decided to bring together with his friend Machel Montano, this festival to Jamaica. His intention is to bring the joy of life closer to the Jamaicans and make them forget about everyday life for a few hours .

Like everything Shaggy attacks, this plan also was a gigantic success. People were thrilled and 2015 it was now already in the 3nd edition, with many more visitors and sponsors.

da funny side a shaggy

Shaggy was on the late night show of Jimmy Fallon and the proudly present: "Shaggy off!" - Much fun!


Shaggy and Sting - a true friendship! Much fun :-) 


Another example: Shaggy is part of a clip from the Internet-comedian Arron Crascall. Codeword: "It wasn´t me"! Have fun! 


A huge hit in the US is "Carpool Karaoke" with James Corden. As part of the program, he drives celebrities around in a car. Fun conversations paired with vocal performances are part of the show. As part of the 60th Grammy Awards in February 2018, a special issue with Shaggy was aired- not in a car but in the New York subway.



Jamaica is, measured by the size of the country , undoubtedly one of the most musical places on earth. Due to the high density of artists it always comes back to mergers of several artists to alliances or collectives , especially at the beginning of their careers. Also Shaggy was at the beginning of his career in the early 90's for a long time member his co-founded alliance called " Ruff entry crew". Other members are Red Fox, Bajja Jedd , Nikey fungus, Screechie Dan, Mikey Jarett and Mr Easy. The members of this association have become more or less successful over the years, and use this collective therefore more or less intensive. Shaggy, Red Fox or Screechie Dan have never officially parted, but performances within the collective are more than scarce. At the moment, mainly Mr. Easy operates under the name "Ruff entry crew".

In addition to the "Ruff entry crew" and countless other combinations mainly two, due to partly high-profile members, are worth mentioning: " The Alliance" and " Gully squad".Members of "The Alliance", founded by Bounty Killer in 2003, are Daddi Barnz ( sponsor) , Aidonia , Anarchy , Angel Doolas , Assailant , Badd Cash , Boom Steppa , Bridgez , Elephant Man , Flawless , Future Fambo , Fuze , Gabrille , Galdiez , Ishawna , Iyara , Jeru The Damaja , Jinyus , Kiprich , K - Queens, Lando , Mario " Sniper" Wyzard , Marlon Binns , Muskilla , Nitty Kutchie , Nymron , Predator , Prince Pin , Ryval , Sakidie and Wayne Marshall.

Members of " Gully squad" which is also called " Gully Side" are in addition to the founder Mavado still Biggy , Bones , Chase Cross, Dj Frass , Flexxx , Kibaki , Knockas , Krymist , Natural , Ras Burro , Safhya , Savage, Slimmaz and Stacious.