Shaggy did a lot of film-music and soundtracks during his career. His first commitment was back in 1993 for the movie "Made in America", with Whoopi Goldberg as the main actress."Big up" ft. Rayvon was chosen as the title song.


The next job was back in 1995: He composed the main title for Columbia Pictures Production "Money Train"- a comedy thriller with Wesley Snipes, Woody Harrelson and Jennifer Lopez as New York City transit cops. The song is called "The train is coming" and is featured by Ken Boothe.


1997 was a succesful year for Shaggy. First he recorded a new version of "I got you babe" with Merril Bainbridge for the british-australian comedy "Welcome to Whoop Whoop", and afterwards he did "Luv me luv me" with Janet Jackson for the movie "How Stella got her groove back" with Whoopi Goldberg. Furthermore "Reggae Virus" was chosen for the movie "Caught up".


Back in 1998 he covered "Under the sea", the theme of "Arielle, the mermaid" for the Disney compilation "The magic of disney". 


In 2002 Shaggy got the big deal for the movie "Showtime" with Robert DeNiro and Eddie Murphy. He did the main title "Showtime" and two more tunes for the soundtrack: "Swingin" and "Caramel". Shaggy also appeared on the soundtracks to the 2002 "Scooby doo" movie with the song "Shaggy, where are you?" and  for the film "Ali G in da house". Together with Ali G. he did the main title "Me Julie".


In 2003,  the song "Keep´n it real" was used for the soundtrack of the movie "Holes" with Shia LaBeouf, Sigourney Weaver and Jon Voight as the main actors.


"Hey Sexy Lady" was taken for the 2006-movie "She´s the man" with Amanda Bynes and Channing Tatum as the main actors.

Shaggy´s Superhit Mr. Boombastic is in a funny way in the Movie "Mr. Bean's Holiday" of 2007. Here you can see a strange dancing scene of Mr. Bean, extremely amusing!


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Arguably one of the most prestigious uses for Shaggy's music in a film is the use of "Money Up" in a bar scene in the 2020 Bond movie 'No Time to Die'.


Shaggy´s 'Boombastic' was used for the soundtrack to one of the most discussed and watched series in recent years, the Netflix-production 'The Crown'.